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Magical Mystical Journey to Peru 2015 with Ambika Devi June 2015

Another Planet Peru invites you to join Ambika Devi PhD on a 
Magical Mystical Journey to Peru 2015

A special Invitation this June:
Receive Level I Reiki Certification this Amazing Journey!

In 2010, I took my first trip to Peru
Yearly I return and experience pure love and mystical magic.
In Peru I find myself held in the loving arms of the Apus, the spirits of the mountains, as my soul dances in the glories of Pachamama, our divine mother earth.
With a great deal of love it is my pleasure to share the sacred wonders and majesty of the Q'eros, the healing power of Wachuma and majesty of Machu Picchu with you each year. 
Your host
Ambika Devi PhD

Ambika Devi PhD,  Author, Master Astrologer, Reiki High Master, Grand Tarot Master, Visionary & Musical Yogini in Peru. She has been training with Q’ero Shaman, studying Sacred Plant Medicine and leading groups to Peru since 2010. Her expertise and knowledge about the rich history and Mystical Teachings of the Inca make her our most unique Tour leader here at Another Planet Peru. As a member of Ambika’s group you receive many Mystical gifts. This year she includes a Reiki Certification as an addition to this wondrous journey.
Prior to departure, Ambika gives you an in-depth personal Astrological consultation about your relationship to the Sacred Valley of Peru, Machu Picchu, the Shamanic practices of the Q’eros and to each and every member of our group and guides.

Ambika creates beautiful sacred space for each and every ceremony. She shares her honoring and love of the indigenous people and places you visit each day. Ambika is an expert interpreter and guide who gives participants 5 Star treatment every step of the way!

In addition to Ambika’s itinerary you are invited to add-on the option of receiving Reiki training, Attunement and Certification. Join Ambika Devi and Another Planet Peru this June/July for the Journey of a Lifetime!

The center for our Magical journey is the mystical Temple of the Moon Spiritual Retreat nestled in the mountains above Cusco. This gorgeous sanctuary captivated my spirit and calls us to return each year.

The colors and textures and flavors of the Sacred Valley call us back so strongly that we am compelled to share this once again with another small group of like-hearted people.

Before we take off:
You are about to be spoiled Inca style in elegant accommodations, enriching learning experiences, the mystical teachings of meditation and the divine loving power of magical sacred plant medicine.

San Pedro

Lesley Myburgh
We have the great fortune to know and work with the incomparable Lesley Myburgh, “La Gringa” a world renowned Wuachumera-San Pedro Healer, commonly called in the west: a shaman. Lesley's beautiful twin sons and their company Another Planet are our amazing team.

Lesley works with the plant known as San Pedro Trichocereus pachanoi, the sacred cactus and visionary teacher plant of the South Americas. This plant is uniquely associated with the shaman healers known as curanderos of the Peruvian Andes. The plant is also known as Wuachuma and this is how it is most often referred to by the shamans who use it. We call them Wuachumeras- the female term or Wuachumeros- the masculine term.

Lesley and Ambika preparing Ceremony in the Maloka

Our Another Planet Peru team is the BEST!
Simon, Ambika & Mark in the Sacred Valley
take incredible care of you so you can soak in every magical moment!

Lesley's twin sons and their company Another Planet Peru are our hosts and guides.

Mark Myburgh is our host and guide on this amazing journey. Mark and Ambika join together to choose the absolute best accommodations and create a perfectly magical experience for all of our guests!

His Brother Simon Myburgh is leads us on much of our journey and together they see to it that we travel in total style and comfort and have the BEST Journey EVER!

San Pedro
The Sacred Plant Teacher

Cactus ceremonies are the inspiration and gateway into the mystic realm of my 2015 Magical Mystery Journey to Peru. Together we venture to this magical land on the journey of a lifetime reconnecting with Divine Mother and raising our vibration through the magic of the sacred plant medicine.

The cactus is known to cure illnesses of spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical nature and assists visionaries to know the future through the prophetic and divinatory qualities of the plant. In addition the ancients believed this plant to clears one’s energy field and ensure success in one’s ventures. One of the most amazing qualities of the plant that I have experienced is its ability to rekindle love and enthusiasm for life and the sensation of nature and the Universe as divine. This vibration stays with me and grows each and every day.
Meditation is a key component and tool to connect with the power of this sacred place. Ambika teaches you a unique method of Meditation that utilizes your voice to tap into the Deep-Trance State. She guides you to the place of peace and calm where you vision, witness and explore the universal body-mind interface.

The benefits of this practice give freedom from thought-stressors and improve communication, develop and increase tolerance levels, and allow for increased management of anger levels.

This style of Meditation increases the ability to cope with and reverse depression and creates emotional refinement leading to an increase in centering abilities. Ambika finds this a natural complement to the Wachuma Ceremonies and together they lead to personal enrichment and acceleration on the path to self-realization.

Our Itinerary
Magical Mystery Journey to Peru with Ambika Devi MA
June 24 to July 3, 2015

Itinerary details
Day 1, June 24: Meet us in Cuzco. You will book your own flight through Lima Peru. This is not included in the price of our journey. If you need our assistance to book your international travel we can help advise you or take care of this for you at an additional cost.

We suggest you choose LAN Airline as you can find a red-eye to Lima and easily continue straight on to Cuzco.

Upon arrival in Cuzco
Day 1 June 24, 2015
We stay at the gorgeous Andean Wings Boutique Hotel.
We provide you with private transfer from Cuzco airport to our gorgeous hotel Andean Wings. Check in, acclimatize get acquainted & relax! Begin a once in a Lifetime journey. This first day is for relaxation and acclimatization. We provide you with a Currency money exchanger giving you the absolute best exchange rate. In the evening we gather for a Group introduction, briefing & relaxing Dinner with hosts Ambika and Rama. Ambika provides you with money exchange and following our Shaman and team come to welcome you and bless you with prayers for an amazing journey.

Day 2, June 25, 2015
Temple of the Moon & Mountain House Spiritual Retreat
Spiritual welcoming and centering ceremony with Ambika Devi and Q’ero Native Tribal Curandero: Luis Quispe who is a Q’ero Paq’o or shaman from the Q’ero tribe. He comes to us from his home high in the Andes where his family has lived for over 500 years. Luis’s grandfather, was a famous and much revered Paq’o, who chose Luis at the tender age of three to begin his training and infuse with his  knowledge. The Q’ero have a unique method of cleansing the energy field, body and mind to free us of negativity. This is called Limpieza, a spiritual cleansing.

This method has been developed by the Q’ero for thousands of years. Elements Luis uses are: palo santo smoke, a Peruvian sacred wood, coca leaves, condor feathers and many traditional ingredients, along with special Quechua prayers. Luis joins us as a guide and to support our group while we are in ceremonies and along the way at many of the sites throughout our trip. The love and positive energy Luis gives is as gentle and nourishing as it is powerful! We are honored to be in the presence of this divine soul.

Temple of the Moon is considered the “Capital of the Incas.” It is an absolutely magical merging of the five directions with roads that lead to each coast of the country. The Temple of the Moon is a spiritual center of magic and healing long utilized by the ancient ones.
Following our delicious breakfast this morning we receive sacred ceremony with the Q'eros and a morning meditation lead by Ambika we explore local archaeological sites including Sacsayhuaman and the Temple of the Moon for a *Pago * so we can give thanks and payment to Pachamama, the Great Earth Mother. In this magical Ceremony we receive a Spiritual Cleansing.

We receive a briefing for our San Pedro Ceremony for the following day and return to Andean Wings for free time and a chance to explore the local restaurants and shopping.

This evening we visit the Planetarium center to discover the ancient astrology of the Incas and peer at the distant stars of the Southern Cross through a telescope! Later we return to our elegant accommodations at Andean Wings Hotel.

Day 3 June 26, 2015
San Pedro Day Ceremony.  
“The Sacred Teacher Plant.”Today we take our first journey with Grandfather, Wachuma lead by Lesley. This Divine plant shows us our own sacred connection to nature and one another.  It is recommended to only take tea and fast this morning or a small amount of fruit. We head back up to the mountain house for our San Pedro Day ceremony: Journey of Healing and purification With Lesley Myburgh.

Ambika leads us in preparation meditation session in the moloka and guides us to reach higher states of truth and consciousness by connecting us to the planets, cosmos and our higher self.
Light appetizers are served throughout the day. Optional afternoon Meditation session at the Temple of the Moon with Ambika followed by and evening bonfire. We spend the night at Mountain House spiritual retreat sharing our discoveries and journaling around a cozy fire. Gaze at the stars and become one with the nature spirits!

Day 4 June 27, 2015
Sacred Valley destination: Pisaq. ‘Altitude – 9700’.
Ambika leads a morning meditation reflection at the Mountain House with optional light Yoga. After we return to place are things at Andean Wings and prepare for our day of exploration.
This afternoon we visit the majestic Sacred Valley and explore the secrets of the mountains.

We visit the Condor Animal Sanctuary, Pisac ruins and the amazing Peruvian markets. Prepare to shop! Meet up with Ambika for a late lunch at her favorite restaurant in Pisaq.

After, we return to Cusco and stay at Andean Wings Hotel tonight. Enjoy a free night to explore the city, discover the international fair and immerse yourself in the local culture!

Day 5, June 28, 2015
San Pedro Day Ceremony.
This is our second experience with our "Teacher Plant."It is recommended to only take tea and fast this morning or a small amount of fruit if needed.

We head back up to the Mountain House Spiritual Retreat for our second San Pedro Day ceremony.

Journey of Cosmic Discovery and Vision. Ambika leads us in preparation meditation session in the moloka and guides us to connect with the supportive energies if the unseen realm. Light appetizers are served throughout the day. After the ceremony we reflect in meditation. This evening we return to stay at Andean Wings Hotel. Choose where you would like to have supper in town or just stay in, order room service and reflect at Andean Wings.

Journey to Machu Picchu

Day 6, June 29, 2015
Pachar, Ollantaytambo and Aguas Calientes el Pueblo de Machu Picchu.
We explore the Sacred Valley and archaeological sites of the ancient Inca constructions and ruins. It is believed that Pachar was a portal to another dimension and is still a sacred doorway.

This afternoon we board a train and travel along the Urubamba River through the luscious Sacred Valley and arrive in Aguas Calientes, the town of Machu Picchu. Be sure to have lots of space on your memory card for pictures and videos! We see many Inca ruins along the way as we journey through the Basin Of The Jungle Cloud Forrest. This evening we explore the town nestled at the foot of Machu Picchu for dinner and meet for a briefing about our early morning expedition to Machu Picchu.

Day 7, June 30, 2015
Machu Picchu
“The Lost City.”
We arise early to catch the first bus up to the peak of Machu Picchu. Once inside the gate we make our way to a secluded area to meditate with Ambika upon the Sun rising over the mountains. Experience the awesome energy of the early morning light as it slices through the high sacred peaks.

Our guide leads us on an insight-full tour of the major points of interest in this magical sacred site and shares stories of the ancient culture who built and inhabited this magical city.

Together we explore the mystical ruins of Machu Picchu and share a delicious Lunch at the Sanctuary Hotel.

After we catch a bus back to the pueblo, followed by an afternoon train back to Ollantaytambo. Our drivers meet us and we stop for a game of Sapos on our way back to Cuzco. Tonight we stay at Andean Wings Hotel.

Day 8 July 1, 2015
Receive Level I Reiki Certification*

Ambika Devi received her Reiki training from Reverend Beth Gray who was trained and attuned by Hawayo Takata Sensei. Takata san brought Reiki to the West and was the assistant and student of the originator of Reiki, Dr. Usui.

The Reiki energy is a great gift to give to yourself and all the living beings in your life. This is the transmittance of pure unconditional love that brings peace and balance.

Ambika teaches traditionally and gives powerful attunements. Her creative and loving style guides you to tap into your gifts and natural abilities to transmit a supercharged level of energy immediately felt and experienced.

Whether you are new to Reiki or revisiting the teaching, Ambika's Attunement and Teaching is sure to increase your level of intensity and amp up your power!
*Reiki Certification is an additional $250 

Prefer more time to explore? Take an Optional Free Day 

Explore Cuzco's many streets and alleys. Experience the magic of Cuzco's history with a visit to a museum, the Cathedral or head for the Black Market and Shop till you drop!

Optional activities include sight-seeing tours to surrounding areas, river rafting, horseback riding, museums, or spend the day relaxing with an Inca massage. Let us know what you want to do and we arrange it for you! Tonight we enjoy a farewell dinner at Andean Wings Hotel after you are packed and ready for tomorrow we have a closing circle with Ambika.

Day 9 July 2, 2015
Cuzco Departure Day
Enjoy a final breakfast and prepare for your transfer to Cusco airport.
Take the Loving Healing and spirit of Peru home with you forever!

Not ready to leave yet?
We can arrange many more opportunities for you and you are welcome to stay on!

Contact me immediately to receive a special price of $3200 and Say YES to secure your place with me and a small group of like-hearted friends on this journey of a lifetime! A non-refundable deposit of $300.
Price increases to $3300 Saturday February 1, 2015!

INCLUDED in the Magical Mystery Journey with Ambika in Peru!:
**Upon your Arrival in Cuzco we provide you with transport to Andean Wings Hotel.
*06 NIGHTS at the gorgeous Andean Wings Boutique Hotel in the heart of Cuzco pricing is for Double Occupancy. *Singles available at a slight increase of .
*01 NIGHT at the Mountain House Retreat at the foot of the Temple of the Moon.
*01 NIGHT at stay in Aguas Caliente at the foot of Machu Picchu -Hotel to be announced. Lunch after a Day at Machu Picchu at the Sanctuary Restaurant in Aguas Caliente.
* All train Tickets including Round Trip Transit to Ollataytambo and Machu Picchu,
*Bus Transit Up and Down the mountain to Machu Picchu is included
*02 San Pedro Ceremonies with Curandera La Gringa, Lesley Myburgh.
*All Breakfasts and a Lunch on Day 2.
* Private Transportation and Transfers and Entrance Fees to Archeological Sites including the best tour guides for our cozy group! **These include: Machu Picchu, Pisaq and Sacsayhuaman.** Keep in mind we are traveling the best time of year and must purchase all of these tickets immediately!**
*01 Earth Mother Blessing Ceremony in which you receive a Spiritual Cleansing
*Our Farewell Dinner at Andean Wings Hotel
**Also Included**:
All Meditation sessions with Ambika Devi a $300 value and a private astrology consultation prior to the trip to define your unique connection to Peru a $150 value!
***And All Wire Transfer Fees!***
*All pricing based on double occupancy.

**ADD ON Reiki Certification $250

**You must purchase your round trip ticket to and from Cuzco, Peru. We can recommend airlines or take care of your booking for you!
***PLEASE Do not purchase until instructed to do so!***
*Any meals not describe above. Keep in mind taxis in Cuzco run around $5 per trip and there are many restaurants to choose from with international fare from $ to $$$, your choice! All convenience stores have fruits and snacks as the jungle is nearby and provides fresh offerings!
**Secure your place in this small group you must give me a non-refundable deposit of $300 immediately! Prices increase over the next month!
**You must pay 50% of the total by March 1, 2015 to guarantee your place in this amazing Magical Mystery Journey.
***Final Payment Due May 1, 2015.***
Be sure you have a current passport that is valid through January of 2015.
Once the group is gathered, I will be conducting briefings and cyber meetings for the group leading up to the trip.
It is my intention to take care of all arrangements and your needs in order to provide you with the Journey of a lifetime and the BEST TRIP EVER!

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